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Molly Ramone mixes rock ‘n’ roll

Well, if you are a lover of Celtic music, but just cannot wait for St. Patrick’s Day to listen to it; then you must check Molly Ramone. It is a different type of band, mixing Scottish and Irish music along with rock and roll attitude.

Joe Khoury, the co-founder as well as the lead guitarist of the band, told that Molly Ramone performs traditional Celtic music, and some original material in the same vein, but they do it with an edgier, more energetic approach, a la Dropkick Murphy and Flogging Molly. He added that they border more on the rock side, without losing the Celtic influence. This really is a unique sounding band and no one ever leaves a Molly Ramone show without a smile on their face.

The site of Molly Ramone stated the spectators does not sit and listen to music; they also become a part of the event. In real tradition of Celtic music, this band allows you involved in the real fun. They would have you laughing, singing and dancing the night away.

When it is real that they true Celtic band, they are also much more than that. Just when people think they have figured out, they would surprise them again by jumping into hit tracks from modern music legends such as Van Morrison and U2.
Molly Ramone does all these, and more while integrating their very own unique arrangements and sound. People would also be addressed to some original work one would not listen anywhere else.