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Scottish folk music couple to play

Cellist Natalie Haas and fiddler Alasdair Fraser blend conventional styles of the Scottish folk music along with some modern touches. Tonight, the pair is coming to Carrboro ArtsCenter to share their music. Natalie Hass told that this is a traditional Scottish music with modern twists.

Scotland native Alasdair Fraser came to know Haas when she was a student at the Valley of the Moon Scottish Fiddle School. Later, they decided that they would tour together. ArtsCenter’s executive director Art Menius stated that he is mainly proud to bring this gig to this community because of Haas and Fraser’s dedication to education and creativity.
Art Menius told that he has been following Fraser since 80s, even before he went to the United States, and mainly when he created fiddle school. Haas is taking Alasdair’s music to a whole new place which excites him every time he listens to it.

Fraser told that his main job in performing is on the link music can add to a community. He added that music is a very important force in this world. They gather around music as human beings, and as a community. Therefore, he feels privileged where he is spending a life doing that. Another important force in the event is what Hass brings in the performance with her cello playing. Most spectators think that they have seen the cello, then they seen Natalie Haas play. Haas was just eleven years old when he attended Alasdair’s school. This is the place where her views on music altered.